RAW - Somerville, MA

Dickies Available At 15A Elm Street
RAW MA - Fri, 6 January, 2012

Just a few days into 2012, we are proud to announce a solid addition to the brand list at The RAW Stores this year. Effective as soon as the next UPS truck arrives, Dickies will officially be in the rotation at 15A Elm Street and 112 Main Street. The Williamson-Dickie Company, founded in 1922, has a long standing relationship with the working class American. The company’s products, especially the 874 Work Pant, have been staple pieces in the blue collar warddrobe for almost 100 years. Their functionality has carried over into the world of skateboarding because of the fit and durability of Dickies’ products. The presence of Dickies at The RAW Stores makes it even easier for us to do the two thngs we love most (work hard and skateboard) and our supporters will have the same convenience this coming week.

S.C.  K.S.

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