Jan, 13

The Story Of The RAW Spring 2013 Collection

The Raw Spring 2013 Collection is not unlike any other collection we have ever compiled, but it does stand for everything we have grown to be over the past seven years. This collection covers all of the necessary bases that we feel the need to cover when we put together a release, and that means a few very important things. This collection displays some of the rules we play by on a daily basis. It showcases the art and design of individuals we now have a history of working with over the past few years. It also introduces the work of individuals you’ve never heard of, who are the same types of people that become individuals that we have a history with in future releases. In addition, this collection hints at the places we draw inspiration from and the overall mentality of our brand.

Ready Amongst Willing LLC plays by a set of rules every single day. The best part about these rules is that they are ours, but it does not begin and end there. Our rules are so basic that they can be organized for the world to see in the form of graphics and any of our supporters can say, “Whoa, that is exactly how I think, too.” This season, these tenets manifest themselves in the form of the Gold Edition Series. God bless skateboarding. Skateboarding as a culture is a nation of individuals who fight for the same freedom. Assemble and conquer. The more of us (skateboarders) that get together for the sake of skateboarding at any given time, the more important skateboarding becomes, to us and to the world population at large. People are aware of us when we roll down any given street. Loyalty over royalty. Friends and family first. Our friends are a part of our family, and what we need to do to keep that sacred can often times makes us very fucking uncomfortable. But we do it because it is the right thing to do…

The right thing to do is to be consistent. In the spring of 2007, we met with Jonah Miller at Mike’s Pizza in Somerville’s Davis Square. He was a college student then, with a book full of ideas and a shit ton of untapped potential. He was not able to tap into the potential on behalf of our brand until 2009, and since the release of The Bostonian Series at that time, he has contributed some of the most solid and important graphic collections that we will ever release as a brand. For the spring of 2013, we will be releasing four camouflage patterns that Jonah was able to recreate, followed by a host of small collections throughout this year, the likes of which no one has ever seen from RAW.

Equally as important to remaining consistent with certain talented individuals is our need to introduce the talents of people who are new to the game. For those who follow us strictly, you have seen Brett Desrosiers skateboarding in Issue 23 Of Japan’s Common Magazine. What our supporters have not seen up until now is that outside of riding a skateboard, Brett Desrosiers is artistically armed with whatever you put in front of him, and, in the case of his first release for RAW, it is a fine tipped magic marker. His Mobile Homes Series for this season is exactly what it should be. It is a RAW-branded project that doesn’t look like anything we’ve done as a brand over the past seven years, it shows skateboarding from an artist’s perspective and it puts a person who is important to us at the forefront of what we do. Combined with Jonah Miller’s consistency, Brett Desrosiers’ initial offering for RAW is the exact combination we wish to show the world. There is no out with the old and in with the new when you have loyalty.

This season, as always, we chose to continue our tradition of keeping things simple for our longtime supporters and those who are new to being affiliated with our brand. The RAW Logo, The Home Field Advantage R and The Varsity R are symbols of our roots as a company and as people. This spring, the forever solid fill of the R, A and W have been adapted a bit to take on the form of the laser swords of some of the most influential movie characters in the history of the motion picture. The H.F.A. remains the same, just like our love for what is uniquely New England, and the Varsity R will be applied to items in the same manner that our grandparents would have applied it. All three of them combined are a way for those who support RAW to stand for something that actually stands for a few very important things… sacrifice, dedication and perseverance. These are the lost virtues of the generations before us… and we are bringing them back, starting now. Full details of The Raw Spring 2013 Collection will be available in February 2013.┬áThank you for your support…

S.C.  K.S.