Oct, 12

The RAW Motion Camouflage Collection For Winter 2012

This is a fast paced world. Whether it’s work, play or thought, it’s tough to slow things down. The RAW Motion Camouflage Collection, available November 10, 2012, is not about slowing things down. It is about embracing the speed at which life moves and keeping the pace. This collection, which will be released at both of The RAW Stores, on The RAW Online Store and at select Supporters worldwide, is based on a series of images taken from a moving train at top speed.

The surroundings of the tracks at such speed took the natural occurrences around the train’s path and made them into patterns that show what speed looks like when one tries to capture it. Speed creates a pattern that takes the contents of normal camouflage and drastically stretches it. This results in streaks of the same colors used to create some of the most famous disruptive patterns this world has ever seen, which were created at a standstill. RAW Motion Camouflage is simply the result of taking the contents of camouflage and adding a violent, rolling motion to it. It is a picture of this fast paced world.

S.C.  K.S.