Jun, 13

The RAW Jonah Miller Crafted For Destruction T-Shirts For Summer 2013

Jonah Miller’s Crafted For Destruction Series for the summer of 2013 is his largest compilation for RAW to date. This series consists of six graphics, all executed in the same style with six different subjects being portrayed. Miller chose six pieces of military equipment that show the full range of the United States’ capabilities. In order of appearance through the colorways, they are: motorcycle, jeep, ship, tank, jet and helicopter, all of which have been used in combat over the course of history.

The RAW Jonah Miller Crafted For Destruction T-Shirts are 100% cotton with top quality screenprinting on the front, sleeve and  in the neckline. They are available in two instances of black, heather and white. These t-shirts have shipped to Supporters worldwide. They are now available at RAW MA and in The RAW Online Store. For further information about the shirts in this collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

S.C.  K.S.