Jan, 13

Rest In Peace, Shawn Clark

We loved Shawn Clark. He was a great husband and father of two who kept his entire family involved in everything he did as a skateboarder and business owner. His store, Patriot Skateboards, was a place where you could always find a crew of kids who recognized his legitimacy as a skateboarder and wanted to learn from his 30 plus years of experience, including his two sons. Before or after hours, he was constantly out skating with that crew, being a living example that when you love skateboarding more than anything, you will do it until you can’t anymore. In the wake of his tragic passing yesterday afternoon at 39 years old, one thing is very clear. Only a bullet could stop Shawn Clark from skateboarding. After all, Shawn survived more than one tour of duty in the Middle East as a United States Marine, which is a fact that has always made our level of respect for him even higher.

Shawn Clark rode a skateboard for almost his entire life. When he “took a break” from skateboarding, he was fighting for our freedom. After he served his time in the Marine Corps, he came home and started Patriot, a perfectly named skateboard shop that will never be forgotten due to the example that he set for the skateboard community at large. It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to a man who did the right thing for his family, his country and skateboarding until his very last day. For those of us who are still here, there are two things we should do today that Shawn would have wanted. One, thank a veteran. Two, put your skateboard on the ground no matter where you are and take a push for Shawn Clark. Rest in peace, Shawn. You will be sorely missed.

S.C.  K.S.